Wow with a Living Wall

When you think of plant rentals, do you think of potted plants and trees? Sure. But did you know that one of the coolest ways to incorporate live plants into event its to let them roam a little more free? You betcha… Enter the living wall.

A living wall – or “Mur Végétal” if you’re feeling ever-so-French – is a self-sufficient vertical garden, a concept first pioneered by botanist Patrick Blanc more than 30 years ago. So actually, the concept is not new. But it is as fresh as ever – and works continue to be a source of inspiration.

rain forest chandelier

Vertical Garden in corridor, Sofitel Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
Vertical Garden in corridor, Sofitel Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Why are living walls awesome?

Living walls make striking backdrops, which lend not just form – but function – to an event space.  They provide a lively ambiance, and are great for showcasing logos or phrases in a new way your customers haven’t seen before. 

White Claw - Living Wall
Partnering with BeCore, 800 PLANT IT created this living wall that traveled from city to city on a White Claw Seltzer tour

What types of plants work best for a living wall?

Plants that are commonly used to make living walls are succulents and air plants – plant varieties that don’t require heavy maintenance. Other plants that can live happing on a wall include small leafed vines like rosary vine, string of pearls, and English ivy; and Neoregelia (a bromeliad), as well as some mosses. 

Living wall for Cisco. Photo from
Living wall for Cisco. Photo from

Want to build a wall? We’ll help you create something clean, green and full of life. Talk to us.

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