Experiential Marketing

Live Trees & Florals Elevate Monterey Car Week

McLaren - Monterey Car Week - Live Trees & Florals

Equal parts refined, exotic and fast paced, McLaren’s brand activation at the historic Monterey Car Week is a festival of priceless experiences. Drawing both owners and fans of their first-class automobiles, McLaren ignited the passion in its global tribe in a series of upscale events from Monterey down to Pebble Beach.

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Dare to Dream: The Vastness of Dreamforce

800PLANT IT - Dreamforce'18 Conference

Dreamforce is the largest nonprofit technology conference in the world. This mega conference gathers the entire Salesforce community for a family reunion of sorts, set within an incredible landscape of custom-made national parks, hosted at venues such as the Moscone Center, InterContinental and Hotel Nikko.

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5 of the most amusing XM campaigns

David Lloyd Run For Your Bun

So back in the spring, we ran a post about some of the coolest XM campaigns. For some fall fun, we thought we’d round up some more… this time focusing on the fun factor. Amusing, clever and surprise-laden events all build an emotional connection with your audience. Talk about putting the “experience” in experiential marketing! …

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How Colors Play into a Live Event

How Colors Play into a Live Event

All of your favorite brands have a color profile. Apple is a sleek gray neutral. Lowe’s is a dependable navy blue. Coca-Cola is a youthful, bold red. Amazon is orange – friendly and confident. None of this is by accident. The psychology of color stretches beyond art theory and is a huge part of how we feel …

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Wow with a Living Wall

rain forest chandelier

When you think of plant rentals, do you think of potted plants and trees? Sure. But did you know that one of the coolest ways to incorporate live plants into event its to let them roam a little more free? You betcha… Enter the living wall.

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Matching Plants to Brand for MillerCoors

MillerCoors event at the Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX

22 brands from this mega beer company had it’s moment in the spotlight with a custom-made booth at the MillerCoors Distributors (MCDC) conference in Austin. Here’s what we made happen with the live plants.

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3 of the Very Coolest XM Campaigns

Refinery29’s 29 rooms are created by all sorts of artists and brands

Event marketing is nothing new. There’s long been the trade show, the exhibition, the convention. But the boom of experiential marketing – live events that engage, inspire and sometimes just make you say “Wow. That is sooo cool!” – this is the future we’re living into. And we love it so much. We work with …

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5 Tips for a Great Corporate Meetup

meetup nyc

Virtually any corporate meeting can impart new information or help develop new business contacts. But meetups are special because they are more about exchanging ideas than coming to the table with a strict business agenda. And sometimes, that’s where the magic happens. In a nutshell, a meetup is an event where like-minded people meet and chat. It’s casual, social and in …

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