Turning the Facebook F8 Conference Green

facebook f8 conference san jose

A bit of innovation was in order.

When the Freddie Georges Production Group (FGPG) contacted us to do the plant piece of Facebook’s annual developer conference, we knew we were about to get creative.

One of our tasks was to fill the custom fabricated planter boxes that lined the San Jose McEnery Convention Center’s Festival Hall. Having planters in place could save a step, but in this case, the low profile of the boxes made it challenging to hide the pots themselves. But, that’s where we had a chance to show off our design chops. We sketched out the dimensions of each of planter box and used ferns, monsteras, rubber plants, birds-of-paradise, fiddleleaf figs and snake plants to cover the pots that housed the taller plants inside.

The result was perfect for this open, modern space. So as the global developer community gathered in San Jose to explore the future of technology, we knew there was some serious innovation that went on behind the scenes, too.

Client: Facebook F8
Venue: San Jose McEnery Convention Center

Check out this time lapse video from FGPG to get a feel for the space

Today's F8 Keynote

Day 2 is a go and they’re all lined up for Facebook's #F8! #Keynote

Posted by Freddie Georges Production Group on Wednesday, May 2, 2018