Our plants sure have been places.

Posing as city slickers in Manhattan, D.C. and Philly. Catching some rays in in Orlando, L.A. and San Diego. Navigating blizzard conditions in Boston and Chicago (well, it’s not all glamorous).

And we love every minute of it.

Here are some snapshots of the season's hottest events ... and a behind-the-scenes look at how 800 PLANT IT solved some tricky challenges.

Just a few of the cities and states in which our plants have been spotted...


Ah… the city that never sleeps. And how could you, when you’re the bustling epicenter of food, fashion, theatre and business?

Well, live plants want in on all that Big Apple action, too! We'd love to be invited to your next premiere.

White Claw Hard Seltzer

Client: White Claw Hard Seltzer

Venue: New York’s Citi Field (and 15 other cities across the U.S.)

Finally - a wall we can all agree on. We loved working with BeCore on this mobile tour for White Claw Hard Seltzer. The challenge? Produce a living wall to debut in New York’s Citi Field – that will travel to 15 cities, including stops at Boston’s Fenway Park, AT&T Stadium (home of the Dallas Cowboys) and Green Bay’s Lambeau Field.

A combination of live and artificial greenery was used to create this impressive wall, showcasing the White Claw tagline. The modular set up made it a perfect fit for the custom-designed van which carried the living wall from city to city.


Whether you’re in the big city of Dallas or in the live music capital of Austin, we agree with the Texans - go big or go home! Our plants love to get the job done in a big way… right quick. We can stand the heat and the hype - just give us a holler!


Client: MillerCoors

Venue: Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX

Well, it’s not just Miller… or Coors. We’re also talking Blue Moon, Pilsner Urquell, Sol, Crispin Rosé hard cider and even Zima (yes – it’s making a comeback!). Each of the 22 brands from this mega beer company had it’s moment in the spotlight, with a custom-made booth at the MillerCoors Distributors (MCDC) conference in Austin this March.

Partnering with AgencyEA, we used their renderings to find plants that fit the character of each brand. To highlight Mexican import Sol, we brought in agave and dracaena plants in colorful hand painted Talavera planters. For the Crispin Rosé booth, we used the actual Pantone colors in their label to match real roses – which hung from an elaborate chandelier poised at the tippity top of their exhibit.