What is a Living Wall?

What is a Living Wall?

A living wall, also known as a vertical garden or a green wall, is a combination of architecture and nature that can provide a backdrop to any space, both indoors and outdoors. Living walls incorporate varying types of greenery into your environment, making your space look more inviting without taking up too much space.

Living walls have become a popular choice for enhancing your event space. Maybe you are trying to hide an unsightly area in your venue, add branding in a unique way, or creating a fun photo opportunity. If you are clever or work with an experienced plant rental company, we can help rent or design a living wall that suits your events specific needs.

Let’s explore how you can use these stunning pieces, the types available and their unique benefits.

Living Wall Uses

Hedge walls are a valuable design technique to add beauty and interest to both indoor and outdoor locations. But for your event, living walls can provide the following uses:

  • Create an entryway. Have you ever watched a Hollywood awards show on TV? The entryway to the red carpet is usually a living wall!
  • Serve as a backdrop for photo opportunities. Need to hide unsightly areas of your venue? A living wall can function as both a backdrop and a barrier. For example, if a car manufacturer holds a press conference to launch a new car model, they can install a vertical garden to hide a parking lot where other cars are parked.
  • Function as a privacy screen. Instead of installing temporary walls (eye sores!), living walls can be used to serve as privacy barriers.
  • Showcase your brand. Companies can be creative and use their logo onto a living wall. It’s another way to brand your company by associating it with beautiful and energizing plants!

If you are planning your event, consider incorporating a living wall into your space. It will be classy and unique, especially if you embed your logo into a custom designed wall, and will impress your guests.

Now that we know the different uses of living walls, let’s discuss the different types and benefits to each.

Real Living Wall

A real living wall refers to vertical planting systems that covers entire walls, or parts of walls, with living (usually green) plants. They can be placed indoors or outdoors. You can rent a wall already designed, or you can customize a one to your needs.

If you decide to create a customized wall, you can design it with a specific height, length, and depth for a certain location. You can even choose the plants, color and design to create the perfect wall for you.

Besides being visually dynamic, both real hedges can also provide sound insulation but can also add a layer of protection from the elements.

Artificial Living Wall

Sounds like an oxymoron, right? And of course, we a bit partial to living walls. But there are times it may be better to use an artificial structure.

Although our strength is live plants, we can also provide you with help an artificial wall as well. Our team of experts can produce walls in a number of different ways to create proper heights, widths, and designs for your particular event. Artificial living walls can be used both indoors and outdoors, and can be weighted down to withstand even the windiest conditions.

Add a Vertical Garden For Your Next Event

Nothing attracts attention like a unique piece of art created from nature. Even if every participant includes a green wall in their design, each will be unique and will add interest to your event space.

If you need help designing the right living wall for your event, contact us to help you create exactly what you need.

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