Planning a In-Person Event? 4 Live Event Plant Trends You Need to Know

4 Live Event Plant Trends

It’s exciting that live and in-person events are being planned again! Check out these four trends in plant décor that you must consider for your next live event.

1. Wide leaf “house style” plants

Just as 1970s fashion is making its way back to retails stores, plants from that era are coming back as well. And they’re popping up in many of the live events taking place. These wide-leaf, house style plants require little maintenance and have proven resilient. They also bring texture, color, and life to any space!

Popular examples of these types of plants are: monsterra, fiddle leaf figs, birds of paradise, and rubber trees.

2. Plants and hedging

Plants and hedging create organic screening within your space. This type of screening is more important than ever because it’s a decorative way to provide social distancing. Popular examples of these types are screening are: real and artificial hedge walls.

You can also arrange ficus trees to create walkways within a large space to create flow and/or to keep people apart.

3. Plant clusters and vignettes

Plant Clusters and Vignettes

Plant clusters and vignettes are very popular right now. They make much more of a statement than a single plant. Professionals can combine a number of different plants such as one tall bird of paradise, two short palm trees, and smaller ground cover plants like ferns.

The plant clusters and vignettes will benefit your event in the following ways:

  • Combining these different plants adds variety and creates depth.
  • They’ll provide additional warmth in conference spaces.
  • If you use them as stand-alone pieces, they’ll be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • Another option would be to make them more functional to frame signage, to showcase products, or to display AV.

4. Decorative Containers

An interesting, new trend seen at events has been decorative containers. Adding “high style” decorative containers to house your event plants are all the rage right now. That’s why at 800 PLANT IT, we’re now including these decorative containers with all plant rentals! We offer black or white options, but additional colors are available upon request.

So, when you start planning your next live event, don’t forget to incorporate these important plant trends. Or better yet, call us  and we’ll help you every step of the way.

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