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5 Trends to Add Some Wow to Your Winter Event

Corporate events, tradeshows and professional gatherings happen all year round, but there’s something decidedly festive about holding business event during the holiday season. Even if you’re not planning a Christmas party per se, you want to set a festive tone with your decor. Whether you need to dress up a hotel lobby, an exhibit space, a suite of offices or even a moving display to take on tour, doing so around the winter holidays is special.

As you plan your next event, here are five trends to inspire your corporate holiday decor.

1. Metallic

Metallics are back! They are being touted as one of the hottest home design trends, so hopping on that shiny bandwagon for your corporate holiday event is a no-brainer. Silver and gold will always be in style, and this year, shades of copper and rose gold are what’s on top.

metallic decor
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2. Rustic

Rustic is one of those words that’s defined by the user. To some, it means natural or outdoorsy – to others, it just means having a certain simplicity and charm. As a “plant lady,” rustic always makes me think of using live plants in a way that naturally and harmoniously blends in with the rest of the decor. The holidays are the perfect time of year to make live plants the center of attention – this tablescape featuring succulents is a great example.

3. Monocromatic

purple holiday decor
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Make a bold statement this season, by decking the halls in just one color. Not only is this approach a feast for the eyes, you can often take advantage of lower prices when you by same-colored items in bulk.

4. Classic

As with most things, you can never go wrong with a classic approach. This is especially true around the holidays – a tastefully decorated space adorned with fresh evergreens, creay winter whites and cheery accents of red is sure to bring a holiday smile to anyone’s face.

Classic Christmas Ritz Hotel
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5. Nostalgic

This is one of my favorite holiday tableaus. A few years ago, London’s Berkeley Hotel treated guests to a pine-filled forest cinema on the roof of the hotel during December and January. Classic winter films such as Miracle on 34th Street were shown, as delighted viewers sipped hot chocolate and snacked on homemade mince pies under heat lamps.

Photo from Huffington Post

And of course, no one does holiday decor on a big scale quite like New York City’s Rockefeller Center!

rockefeller center tree lighting

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