Royal Wedding Décor Without a Royal Budget

live plant rental wedding formal
Many couples like to have a theme for their weddings, and one that appeals to both brides and grooms is a garden theme wedding. A garden represents the planting of seeds, growing plants, and a harvest that nurtures the body and soul – all ideas that directly correlate with weddings and marriage!

Of course, an obvious venue for a garden theme wedding is the outdoors, whether it is your backyard, a scenic park (make sure you get the proper license needed), or even a botanical garden. Planning a winter wedding? No worries. You can still have a garden themed wedding even in the coldest days of winter. Just bring the ceremony indoors and surround the venue with live potted plants … just like Prince William and Kate Middleton did at their royal wedding.

It had been Kate’s wish to be married in an English garden her wish came true by bringing nature into Westminster Abby. To create the look and feel of a garden, eight 20-foot live trees flanked the aisles that were also decorated with a variety of live shrubs – beech, lilac, azaleas, rhododendrons, wisteria and euphorbia. The effect of the live green décor was simply stunning.

Of course, most of us are operating with a smaller budget than that of the royal couple, but it doesn’t matter. Whatever your budget, there are a multitude of beautiful décor possibilities with live plants, trees and flowers. Any of which can make your garden wedding a beautiful reality.

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