Award Shows Go Green With Live Plant Decor

Along with the glitz, glamour and celebrities there was something else award-worthy at the Primetime Emmy Awards. The Primetime Emmy Awards, in conjunction with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, aimed to reduce the award show’s carbon footprint.

Most notably, the show’s red carpet has gone green. It was made in Los Angeles at the world’s only LEED-certified carpet factory and contained 50% recycled materials. Electricity for the show was provided by more than 250 locally manufactured solar panels to power the energy efficient and fluorescent lights. The panels were also connected to Los Angeles’ power grid and the lights used approximately 20% of the power normally used on the red carpet.

Food served at the awards was all locally sourced and any leftovers were composted after the show. Everything from paper to bottles to plastic was sorted and recycled, while tables, chairs and linens were rented and live plants were used instead of cut flowers.

And the Emmy’s aren’t the only awards to jump on the green bandwagon. The Grammys, The Academy Awards and the Teen Choice Awards also showed some eco-friendly spirit.

So whether you agree or disagree with best actress, best movie or even best vampire kiss, we can all agree that doing anything to help the environment is a winner.

Live Plant Decor on the Red Carpet

Excerpt taken from Green Solutions Magazine; Shows Go Green

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