Live Trees & Florals Elevate Monterey Car Week

Equal parts refined, exotic and fast paced, McLaren’s brand activation at the historic Monterey Car Week is a festival of priceless experiences.

Drawing both owners and fans of their first-class automobiles, McLaren ignited the passion in its global tribe in a series of upscale events from Monterey down to Pebble Beach.

As for us, 800 PLANT IT got to do what we do best, too. We were brought in by the engagement marketing pros at Apex to help make every stretch of America’s best automotive showcase shine … with live trees and florals, of course.

Native plants and florals are part of Apex’s signature style and they have a fantastic design team to boot. So it probably goes without saying that we love working with them!

Events of this scale usually start with the renderings and in this case we used them for for both planning and execution. One of the suggestions we made in the early stages was to construct custom planter boxes to house plants in certain areas. This paid off, allowing us to perfectly match plants to containers – and simultaneously make sure each plant was stable and secure.

Plant selection was another key component of the project. Many of the plants have a tie to the Monterey area and all of them are chosen to highlight McLaren’s multi-million dollar cars.

Bright and sophisticated florals were also used to adorn smaller areas, and they did a fantastic job in creating synergy with the high energy of the displays.

While the end result is magnificent, there are inherent challenges to overcome.

  • 800 PLANT IT managed a complex procurement through both local and non-local growers.
  • Transportation of very large trees to and from the greenhouses. Some Cypress trees reached 16 feet.

And, speaking of challenges, we can never forget the ones Mother Nature sends our way.

For this event, the wind is always a factor. McLaren’s chalet is on the 18th fairway at the Pebble Beach Golf Course. And to keep plants from having any unexpected topples (especially onto one of the cars!), we used sandbags to weigh the plants down and cable ties to secure the tops of the trees.

From The Quail to the Concours d’Elegance, each of the week’s events was a masterpiece in orchestration. 800 PLANT IT was thrilled to be a part of it.