Live Plants Bring Reality to VR Conference

Client: Oculus Connect 5 (OC5)

Venue: McEnery Convention Center, San Jose

Live Plants Bring Reality to VR Conference

Along the boulevards or on the big screen, California is a magnet for action. This live plant design project in San Jose didn’t disappoint.

Working with two different agencies to deliver a seamless experience for one big client (Oculus) – this was a job that took patience, flexibility and a big crew. As the best minds in VR gathered to shape their future, we brainstormed with FGPG and FNTECH to shape two vastly different spaces into something cohesive.

Cross checking against constantly evolving renderings, we used a variety of large-leaf plants to accentuate the tech element of this event. To tie the theme together, we housed the many different plants and trees in the same striking white pots.

This was a job defined by the numbers: 2 different agencies, only 8 hours to set up. More than 800 plants in play, handled by a crew of 10 plus onsite supervisors to oversee union staff. And in the end, 1 very happy client.