Turning the Facebook F8 Conference Green

facebook f8 conference san jose

A bit of innovation was in order. When the Freddie Georges Production Group (FGPG) contacted us to do the plant piece of Facebook’s annual developer conference, we knew we were about to get creative.

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Wow with a Living Wall

rain forest chandelier

When you think of plant rentals, do you think of potted plants and trees? Sure. But did you know that one of the coolest ways to incorporate live plants into event its to let them roam a little more free? You betcha… Enter the living wall.

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Matching Plants to Brand for MillerCoors

MillerCoors event at the Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX

22 brands from this mega beer company had it’s moment in the spotlight with a custom-made booth at the MillerCoors Distributors (MCDC) conference in Austin. Here’s what we made happen with the live plants.

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3 of the Very Coolest XM Campaigns

Refinery29’s 29 rooms are created by all sorts of artists and brands

Event marketing is nothing new. There’s long been the trade show, the exhibition, the convention. But the boom of experiential marketing – live events that engage, inspire and sometimes just make you say “Wow. That is sooo cool!” – this is the future we’re living into. And we love it so much. We work with …

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Using Plants to Shine at 3 of the Season’s Biggest Trade Shows

plants on display - magic LV

The winter months are peak trade show season. All the big convention capitals are buzzing with excitement: Las Vegas, Orlando, Anaheim, Salt Lake City, Chicago and more. So while you’re traveling near and far to show your wares, you’re competing with hundreds of other businesses to stand out and be noticed. If you’re far from home, you …

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Nailed It! 5 Tips for Maximizing Your Trade Show Presence

trade show succulents

If you’ve got trade shows on your company docket this year, then you know what a big decision it was to participate. Trade shows are great for exposure, but they can be labor-intensive – and expensive. So of course, you want every bit of your precious investment to count. Here are five effective ways to make a great impression and your …

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Add the Wow Factor to Your Trade Show

trade show booth done by Bitsy's Brainfood

4 ways to use plants to make an unforgettable statement When you think of a trade show display, do you think of handouts, some corporate swag and maybe a banner or pop up display? Probably, because that’s what you’ll find in a typical trade show booth. But why be typical when you can be extraordinary? Your trade …

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Trade Show Cities: 5 of the Best

Las Vegas Trade Show City

While most of us are thinking about the holiday season, you know what meeting and event planners are thinking about? Trade show season! January is the biggest month of the year for trade shows, so while we’re decking our halls at home, some of the biggest convention centers in the country are getting ready for …

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Corporate Holiday Decor

Classic Christmas Ritz Hotel

5 Trends to Add Some Wow to Your Winter Event Corporate events, tradeshows and professional gatherings happen all year round, but there’s something decidedly festive about holding business event during the holiday season. Even if you’re not planning a Christmas party per se, you want to set a festive tone with your decor. Whether you …

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5 Tips for a Great Corporate Meetup

meetup nyc

Virtually any corporate meeting can impart new information or help develop new business contacts. But meetups are special because they are more about exchanging ideas than coming to the table with a strict business agenda. And sometimes, that’s where the magic happens. In a nutshell, a meetup is an event where like-minded people meet and chat. It’s casual, social and in …

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5 of the Best Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Target's Bullseye University

There’s marketing…and then there’s experiential marketing. With hundreds of marketing messages whizzing by us each day, today’s brands have the very real challenge of trying to stand out from the pack. The idea is not only to be memorable, but to involve the consumer in an activity that promotes brand loyalty. We work with several …

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Firmly Planted: Pro Tips for a Successful Back to School Event

Plants used to decorate and define an entrance.

Classes are back in session, but it’s not just this semester’s coursework that’s on the schedule. September and October is also high event season for schools and colleges, from student and parent orientations to alumni class reunions. In many ways, planning a back to school event is like planning any public function – sending and managing invitations, procuring food and refreshments, organizing …

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