Downtown Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Venice Beach, Anaheim, Long Beach, San Diego...on the beach, along the boulevards or on the big screen, California is a magnet for action.

Sweet, because we love nothing better than putting our plants in action! Here are a few stops along our Hollywood (and surrounding area) Walk of Fame.

Oculus Connect 5

Client: Oculus Connect 5 (OC5)

Venue: McEnery Convention Center, San Jose

Working with two different agencies to deliver a seamless experience for one big client (Oculus) – this was a job that took patience, flexibility and a big crew. As the best minds in VR gathered to shape their future, we brainstormed with FGPG and FNTECH to shape two vastly different spaces into something cohesive. Cross checking against constantly evolving renderings, we used a variety of large-leaf plants to accentuate the tech element of this event. To tie the theme together, we housed the many different plants and trees in the same striking white pots.

This was a job defined by the numbers: 2 different agencies, only 8 hours to set up. More than 800 plants in play, handled by a crew of 10 plus onsite supervisors to oversee union staff. And in the end, 1 very happy client.


Client: Kia

Venue: Segerstrom Center for the Arts, Los Angeles

Brought in to help with KIA’s new vehicle kick off at L.A.’s Segerstrom Center for the Arts, we had one challenge from the get go. A construction area behind the vehicle showcase needed to be camouflaged – while maintaining the modern look and feel of the new car.

Ultimately, we used custom planters that matched both the color of the car and it’s sleek and modern design. In them, we staged exotic palms in varying heights that showcased the vehicle while obscuring the sight lines of the construction area.

Mike's Hard Lemonade

Client: Mike's Hard Lemonade

Venue: Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice, CA (pop-up)

When life gives you lemons … you attach them to trees by hand! For a pop-up activation on Abbot Kinney BoulevardMike’s Hard Lemonade approached us looking for tall trees, full of lemons. Sounds fantastic, but there was one hitch. California + May = lemon trees without any lemons on them.

No problem. We got Mike’s vision and were able to design a cost-effective solution that would still provide the look of real lemon trees. Using standard ficus trees with a wide trunk, we attached approximately 20 real lemons all over the canopy of the tree. The result was a huge hit at the event – and anything but a lemon.

Facebook F8

Client: Facebook F8

Venue: McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, CA

When the Freddie Georges Production Group (FGPG) contacted us to do the plant piece of Facebook’s annual developer conference, we knew we were about to get creative.

One of our tasks was to fill the custom fabricated planter boxes that lined the San Jose McEnery Convention Center’s Festival Hall. Having planters in place could save a step, but in this case, the low profile of the boxes made it challenging to hide the pots themselves. But, that’s where we had a chance to show off our design chops. We sketched out the dimensions of each of planter box and used ferns, monsteras, rubber plants, birds-of-paradise, fiddleleaf figs, and snake plants to cover the pots that housed the taller plants inside.

The result was perfect for this open, modern space. So as the global developer community gathered in San Jose to explore the future of technology, we knew there was some serious innovation that went on behind the scenes, too.

Blizzard Entertainment

Client: Blizzard Entertainment

Venue: Santa Monica, CA

This one-day event put on by gaming goliath Blizzard Entertainment put our “anywhere, anytime” mantra to the test. All ducks were seemingly in a row underneath a large structure in Santa Monica, but when the tent went up they realized they did not have the necessary materials to create a privacy screen.

We were contacted us on a Sunday morning, and within 3 hours we delivered beautiful ficus trees to create the privacy wall Blizzard needed. Epic.