Add the Wow Factor to Your Trade Show

4 ways to use plants to make an unforgettable statement

When you think of a trade show display, do you think of handouts, some corporate swag and maybe a banner or pop up display? Probably, because that’s what you’ll find in a typical trade show booth. But why be typical when you can be extraordinary?

Your trade show space can be exciting, engaging and alive – and still be a professional representation of your company. Here are four of our favorite ideas for using live plants to liven up your exhibits – and attract new customers.

Idea #1: Create a wall of wilderness

Is there anything better than a succulent? They’re the perfect plant: always in style, yet unquestionably natural and minimalist. They stand up to almost any climate. So next time you’re in search of a beautiful, unique element to spice up your trade show booth, why not try a wall of succulents? The photo below is from a wedding, but there’s no reason why this couldn’t be the stunning backdrop for your exhibit space.

succulent wall

Idea #2: Offer an oasis

Even if you have to trudge through a blizzard to get to your next trade show (January is, after all, the most popular month for them), you can offer visitors a vacation from it all once they’re inside the venue. Watch your inviting oasis come to life, using tropical live plants to stage anything from a beach escape to a jungle excursion.

Fenway Jungle from 800 PLANT IT
Our large scale jungle-themed display at the iconic Fenway Park

Idea #3: Traffic control/camouflage

While traffic control or camouflage don’t seem like the most inspired ideas for using live plants, doing it right creates great eye candy. Strategically placed plants will organize the flow of traffic, directing attendees where you want them to go. And as for those pesky cords, cables and other unsightly yet necessary elements? Make lemonade out of your lemons by using floral arrangements, live plants and trees to hide them and make it all better.

plant it traffic control

Idea #4: Design a tableau

Organic food and drink blogger Max Goldberg writes about a trade show booth done by Bitsy’s Brainfood, illustrating the tableau concept beautifully.  The company makes smart food snacks for kids, but the highlight of their trade show set up is a miniature garden in the back corner. Live plants and flowers – along with adorable little details like a wheelbarrow and mulch – make the space so much more energetic than it would be with a table of snack samples alone. The concept is universal, too. It reminds me of a display kiosk we did for Starbucks and Tazo Tea – the tasting station was decorated with live plants that mirrored the tea flavors, making each sip a feast for the senses.

trade show booth done by Bitsy's Brainfood

Have a trade show exhibit that could use a pick me up? Contact 800 Plant It – it’s what we do.

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